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The Restaurant Service
Professionalism, simplicity and experience are reflected in the great ease with which we greet our guests. The attention to detail, the right timing, attention to every need are the strengths of our table service. At lunch and a dinner at the hotel La Perla Preziosa are always special occasions due to the constant presence of the maƮtre Polini Fabrizio, the advice in the choice of the most suitable becoming a pleasure to savor. The sympathy of the young waiters, professional, polite, kind and always dressed to perfection, served offer an accurate, timely and non-invasive of privacy. The guest of honor is her. So she will be at the center of our attention, but beware: the pleasure of dining at the hotel La Perla Preziosa in its scenic restaurant TITANIC reward the good taste and the look, always leaving a sweet memory.
The wine cellar
It is a real pleasure to discover the right wines to accompany each dish in the rich wine cellar. Constantly update our proposals, the famous red wines (Rosso Piceno Superiore Montepulciano, Sangiovese) and local white wines (Verdicchio, Passarina, Falerio, Pecorino) to wine and more commercial known (Amarone, Barbera, Chianti, Sagrantino, Nero d 'Avola) you will find a wide and important range of wines from all over Italy. An invitation to all to dine in the charming atmosphere of the evening, when dusk, the colors of the sunset from the room pleasantly invade your table is set in your face and that of your partner unique and unrepeatable moments.