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La Giostra della Quintana di Ascoli Piceno
The Statutes in 1377 documenting that the recurrence of the patron St. Emidio was solemnized with parties and games and a jousting tournament. Since 1955, the first Sunday of August, Ascoli Piceno back to live Quintana with a procession of about 1,400 figures that, to reach the field of games of the bridge higher, follow the street and medieval squares in the head with the Courts, the representatives of the Castles, Sestieri the civic. The riders for the Palio in the field of games with repeated attacks on the buck. They offer a wonderful and unforgettable, preceded on the Saturday evening before the ceremony supply of candles in the churchyard of St. Emidio cathedral. The Quintana takes place in the month of August and for some years also in a July evening version.
The Templars were born in 1118 when nine knights led by Hugues Payen decided to found the order of the "poor knights of Christ" with the aim of protecting the defenseless and pilgrims on the road to Jerusalem. They firmly followed the Rule of St. Augustine and the three vows of chastity, poverty and obedience that made them religious, were joined by a quarter: defend the pilgrims and thus can be defined a cavalry military-monastic. The order was dissolved in 1307 after becoming a military and economic power in the service of the church. Templaria is a festival that takes place in the summer in Castignano dedicated to medieval civilization with performances of music, theater and dance, and with the setting up of environments, shops of artisans, markets and banquets at the time.
In the Domini Year 1234, Forasteria, daughter of Rinaldo degli Acquaviva said "Big", is married to Rainald of Brunforte, son of Buonconte grandson of Fidesmino Brunforte, Lord of Sarnano and Vicar Di Federico II. The historical commemoration of this marriage, which, since 1988, the Association "Palio del Duca" repeats on Acquaviva every year on the first Friday in August, and Thursday before next Sunday, with games, shows, ballets and medieval wedding feast, inside the walls of the majestic medieval fortress. SPONSALIA, a tribute to love.
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Grottammare: Cabaret AMOREMIO
Since 1984 Cabaret amoremio, is one of the most important squares in the field of domestic comedy. To understand the value just scroll down the books of the previous editions: Enrico Montesano, Paolo Villaggio, Paolo Rossi, Sabina Guzzanti, Maurizio Crozza, Neri Marcorè, Enrico Brignano… in short, the best Italian artists have performed on stage at Grottammare.
Offida: the Carnival
The Carnival has origins are lost in the mists of time. They are using the religious festivals of the ancient people celebrating the new year and the beginning of Spring, propitiatory purposes. In Carnival of Offida are found traces of the ancient Greek Bacchanalia and, even more, of the Roman Saturnalia of agricultural origin that were held December 10 to 23, resulting in the suspension of the general public activities. In the most unbridled joy, set aside the social, banquets were held with exchanges of gifts, processions and masked. Together with Vlurd, is the typical manifestation of the carnival in Offida. It takes place on Good Friday fat and is a re-enactment of the ancient bullfighting introduced by the Spaniards during their occupation. Consists in running through the streets of the town a silhouette of ox, consisting of a wooden frame and covered with a white cloth with red stripes. A man runs the ox from under the frame, while another leads him from the outside. Behind the ox runs a multitude of people, all dressed in the guazzarò (typical uniform Offida) or with dresses bullfighter is one of the manifestations that characterize the carnival Offida. The custom of lighting and bring Vlurd, was first documented in 1814 as written by William Breed in an article published in the journal "Ophys" March 3, 1895. The event, which takes place on the evening of Shrove Tuesday, is to bring along the streets of the country's long bundles of reeds filled with straw (Vlurd) which, at dusk, turn them on.
The WHITE nights (Ascoli Piceno & San Benedetto del Tronto)
White Night Sanbenedettese: an event that aims to ensure a high level of quality through the establishment of cultural and artistic-cultural aiming to offer a special knowledge of the city. The center of San Benedetto del Tronto will provide opportunities for entertainment and recreation through her ​​numerous performances in the square: street artists, with proposals for children and adults, music player with its many facets: jazz, classical, blues, cover bands, the lyrics and the sounds of the bands. There are also many gyms and proposals of dance schools (from the Caribbean to tango, from swing to belly dancing). Highlight is the majestic disco on the beach, made for the event.

Night of San Lorenzo in Ascoli Piceno: is a Night of Colors extraordinary one organized by the Municipality of Ascoli Piceno in conjunction with Symbiosis Marketing. Nine hours of music, news, entertainment and shows which involve the historic center of the city, with its squares and roads. Six the main squares of the city concerned. The event which will involve dozens of groups and over 1000 artists that range from art, literature, music, dance and acrobatic theater to prose, will grow in the streets of the historic center and in the related link roads starting at 19.00 and until the first light of dawn.

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